Your Essential Stats: The Numbers You Need to Know

Your running partner could be your next A+ client if you ask for a referral.

Your clients and potential clients may want to know your home sales statistics.

Pop quiz:
1. What is the overall appreciation or depreciation of homes in your market?
2. What is the average list price of a home in your area?
3. How long is a home in your area on the market, on average?
Did you get the answers right away? Did you try to Google the answers because you’re not sure? Or did you defensively retort, “Who cares? No one asks me those questions anyway.”

Referral Maker™ real estate CRM to the rescue! If you logged into Referral Maker and clicked on My Business Dashboard, the information would be staring you in the face. As a real estate professional, there are certain numbers about your local market and your production that you should know offhand. Both current and prospective clients may ask you about these numbers, especially if they are interviewing you to sell their homes. Knowing these numbers sets you apart from your competition, encouraging both clients and potential clients alike to view you as a professional in a sea of amateurs, which may in turn bring more referrals your way.

Referral Maker provides this information quickly and easily on a single screen so that you don’t have to hunt and scroll. You can even access this information on your iPhone or Android-powered smartphone to show your clients when you’re on-the-go. Track your transactions within the real estate CRM and see if you’re on target to reach your goals.

The Numbers You Need to Know:
• Total Active Residential Listings
• Average List Price
• Average Sales Price
• List Price vs. Sales Price Ratio
• Average Market Time
• Number of Sales YTD
• Number of Expired Listings
• Overall Appreciation or Depreciation
• Number of Months of Supply
• Prime Interest Rate

If you’re not sure how you’re going to keep track of these numbers, Referral Maker CRM is at your service. Referral Maker is a real estate CRM designed for real estate professionals to input and track statistics related to their local markets as well as their individual statistics, client information and appointments. Visit for more information on how to start using Referral Maker CRM real estate software today.


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