How to Do a Year-end Review

Year-end review

This is the perfect time to review the goals you set earlier this year and analyze the progress you made during the year. Most importantly, reviewing your goals now will help you create goals for next year. Here’s how to do a year-end review.
1. Find somewhere quiet. Whether you close the door on your office, put up a Do Not Disturb sign or head to the local park, find a place where you can fully focus on the task at hand without distractions. If you use the Referral Maker® app, you’ll have access to your goal tracking on your phone.
2. Pull out the goals you set for the year. These may be in Referral Maker, on a note-taking app on your phone or in your notebook or planner. Review them and assess whether you met them or not.
3. Celebrate the goals you’ve achieved. If you achieved one or more of your goals, celebrate it and appreciate how much you’ve achieved over the past year.
4. Assess what you could have done better or differently. If you missed your target, a review will help you figure out a way to ensure you reach your goal next year. Did you face a challenge during the year and find it hard to recover? Did you lose motivation? Whatever the reason, analyzing your progress can help you improve in our approach to your goals next year.
5. Set goals for next year. Take what you’ve learned to create realistic, measurable goals for 2018. If you found it easy to reach your goals this year, make your goals more ambitious If you were a bit too ambitious this year, adjust your goals next year.

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