How to Write a Personal Note


Personal notes are a simple, heartfelt way to connect with your clients; however, many agents make every excuse possible to avoid writing them. “I don’t know what to say!”  or “My handwriting is totally illegible,” they complain. They work themselves up with anxiety over what they’re client will think. In reality, their client will be happily surprised to receive such a thoughtful piece of mail.

Benefits of personal notes
There are many benefits of writing personal notes. The most important is it’s a great way to connect with your clients. Since people generally only receive handwritten notes during the holidays and special occasions, sending one outside of those times will set you apart from everyone else. The intent isn’t about obligation; it’s about taking the time to show your clients you appreciate them.

Second, a personal note helps you to stay top of mind. Standing out is essential in any market. A personal note is a memorable gesture. It’s one that will stay on the minds of your clients, long after they’ve received it. They’ll think of you, whether they’re thinking of selling or have a friend who is.

Third, what better way to express appreciation and gratitude for the business and referrals you receive from your clients? Everyone wants to feel appreciated and a handwritten personal note is something that surely shows that.
What to say:
Referral Maker CRM has several writing prompts to get you started.

To a new client:
It was a pleasure meeting you today. I’m excited to include you in my Client Appreciation Program™ and am looking forward to building a great relationship. It’s a good life!

To thank a client for a referral:
Thank you for your referral to [Bob & Linda]! You can be confident I’ll take excellent care of them. Your trust and support is greatly appreciated.

To your buyers:
Thank you for the opportunity to help you purchase your new home! I hope you are happy there for years to come. Please call if I can help in any way. I’m here to serve you!

Just because:
I was just thinking of you today & wanted to say, “Hello!” I hope all is well. I’m looking forward to talking with you soon. I’ll be in touch – It’s a good life!

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a personal note and start writing. Not sure who to write it to? Visit your Dashboard in Referral Maker CRM to get started.

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