Work the System—The Referral System, That Is

Follow these tips to help you work by referral.

Follow these tips to help you work by referral.

Real estate is a social business that is all about relationships. After all, it’s the relationships you build with your clients that provide the fuel that drives your business in the form of referrals and repeat business. This is the basis of Brian Buffini’s Work by Referral System. As an agent, Brian saw that the more he served his clients and nurtured his relationships with them, the more likely they were to use him again and refer him to their family, friends and acquaintances. He created a system that to help other real estate professionals leverage the relationships they’ve built with their clients to generate a reliable stream of leads. Simple, isn’t it.

Prioritize Your Relationships
When working by referral, it’s essential to build your relationships with the people in your database, but if your database is huge, how will you know who to spend your time with? Easy—you prioritize your relationships so that you’re able to spend the most time with the people who are most likely to refer you.

Referral Maker® real estate CRM makes it easy to do this. Simply upload your database and sort each client into the following categories:

A+ : They’ve sent you multiple referrals.
A : They’ll most likely refer you.
B : They would refer you, if asked and shown how.
C : They might refer you in the future.
D : These clients are the ones you dread dealing with, and should be deleted from your database.

Your A+ and A clients are the ones who will receive the most attention from you. However, your other relationships won’t be neglected. Referral Maker will ensure that you check in with them periodically as well (except for the Ds—just forget about them already). If you’re not already using Referral Maker, what are you waiting for? A 30-day free trial? Okay, fine. You got it! Visit Referral Maker to learn more and to start your 30-day free trial.

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Provide Value
Show off your professional expertise and care and concern for your clients by providing them valuable real estate marketing materials. What’s valuable? The materials should cover interesting and topical information that your clients will find useful, and encourage them to pass the information on to family members, friends or co-workers who would find it interesting. When you consistently send this information each month, and follow it up with a corresponding eReport email, you’re able to demonstrate your professional knowledge and character and remind them that you’re their go-to agent for all of their real estate needs.

Want to make more of an impact? When you personalize your monthly marketing flyers, your clients and the people they pass the information to know who to reach when they have a real estate question or wish to list their homes.

Nurture Your Relationships
Your connection to your clients doesn’t have to end when you help them buy or sell a home. Unfortunately, most agents vanish into thin air once the contracts are signed, never to contact with their clients again. With the average homeowner moving at least once a decade, they’re closing the door to future transactions with their clients by never contacting them again. However, you’re not most agents—you work by referral. When the transaction closes, you have the opportunity to continue to serve them by answering any homeownership questions they have, connecting them with home professionals in your network, such as plumbers, roofers and landscapers; and connect them with an agent out of the area should they wish to purchase a second home.

By getting to know your clients, you’ll be better able to serve them in the future as well when they want to list their homes or help their child purchase a home. And since you’re providing them with such great personalized service, they’re more likely to refer you to people just like them—their family, friends and acquaintances. What’s better than that?

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