Why You Should Use Pinterest to Build Your Brand

Pinterest is a powerful visual platform that will help you build your brand.


If you’re like most agents, you use social media as a tool to market your business. Chances are, your social network of choice is Facebook. However, Pinterest is gaining ground with many real estate agents. Why? The image-based social network is the perfect medium for posting pictures and videos of listings as well as relevant information about the market, home design and tips about homeownership. Why should you start using Pinterest? Check out the benefits:

1. You can post more photos of your listings. Pinterest is all about photos; the site is like a giant digital photo album. This is great news for your listings, as it gives you the opportunity to fully showcase the property and accentuate the unique details. It gives prospective buyers a better view of the home and gives new life to those listings with limited curb appeal.

2. You can show off your expertise as a real estate professional. You’re not limited to pinning your current listings. You can also pin infographics about the market, helpful tips for buyers or sellers and links to your current marketing materials.

3. Establish yourself as an expert in your market. Creating boards that cater to your market and appeal to a broader audience will help you be seen as the go-to real estate professional for your market.

Like other social media sites, Pinterest shouldn’t be the be-all, end-all of your marketing plan. However, when used correctly, Pinterest can amplify your current marketing campaigns. Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software helps you manage your marketing campaigns so that you can make them more effective. Visit the Referral Maker website for more information and to start your free 30-day trial.

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