Why You Should Take a Buyer to Lunch Today

After you show your buyers a home, take them to lunch to find out more about their thoughts and what they want.

After you show your buyers a home, take them to lunch to find out more about their thoughts and what they want.

What do you do after showing a home to a buyer?

a. Tell them you’ll be in touch, and then get in your car and leave.
b. Ask them to go out for lunch to talk about the property.

Although most agents and brokers choose the first option, the Pros know that option B is the way to go. Why? Breaking bread with your clients is a great way to learn more about their search for a home. It gives your client a chance to talk about the property and ask you questions, as well as gives you the chance to exhibit your professional expertise. The added bonus: It allows you to deepen your relationship with your client so that you can better serve them. Think of it as an “unexpected extra” that may turn your buyers into loyal advocates of your business.

3 Benefits of Lunching with Your Buyer

1. Learn what they think about the property. After viewing a home, many buyers are eager to discuss the property with their spouses on the way home. Scheduling lunch afterwards gives you the opportunity to be privy to this conversation. You can find out what they loved about the home, what they hated, what stuck out, what they wish the home would have had. You can also find out if they want to make an offer on the home, and if not, delve into why not. This also gives you the opportunity to offer reassurance and explain the process.

2. Dig into what they want in a home. Although most buyers have an idea of their preferences in a home, their list often changes once they get out and visit properties. After they’ve told you what they liked and didn’t like in a property, ask them if they’ve revised their list of must haves and deal breakers. If they have, be sure to update their preferences in Referral Maker™ real estate CRM.

3. Help them narrow the field of options. Choosing a home to buy is a big decision. Your clients want your expertise to help them make that decision. Over lunch you can help them outline the pros and cons of a property so that they can make an educated decision.

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