Why You Need an Assistant

A great assistant (or two) can benefit your business.

A great assistant (or two) can benefit your business.

If you’re like many busy real estate professionals, you probably struggle with trying to squeeze everything you need to do into your waking hours. In many cases, you may find that you still don’t check everything off of your to-do list that you wanted to that day, leaving you feeling frustrated. If you’re skimping on meals and sleep to fit everything in, it’s time for a change. After all, your health and motivation aren’t the only casualties of your ‘Superman’ syndrome; your business will suffer as well.

Multi-tasking is ‘out’; asking for help when you need it is ‘in.’ A great assistant is a huge asset to your business. Not only will they tackle the tasks that you’re not so great at or don’t have time for, they will also keep you organized and on track to achieve your goals.

Great assistants…

Help you find balance in your life. As a real estate agent, you have irregular hours, making it difficult to strike a balance between work and home. How many times have you replied to emails, folded marketing flyers and done other work during your ‘off’ time? Add into the mix that you often work weekends and evenings, hosting open houses and showing homes, and suddenly your personal time becomes a bit of a gray area. An assistant will complete the tasks that you may not have time for during the day, freeing you up to focus on the bread-and-butter activities of your business.

Allow you to focus on your proactive lead generating activities. As a businessperson, your priority is to complete your proactive lead generating activities. After all, these activities help you to build relationships with your clients, which in turn allow your business to thrive and succeed. However, if you’re too focused or distracted on smaller tasks to complete your lead generation, your business will suffer. An assistant can take the less important tasks off your plate so that you can focus on generating leads and serving your clients.

Referral Maker™ real estate CRM tip: Remember to log in to Referral Maker to access your daily to-do list of proactive lead generating activities. These activities will help you achieve the goals you’ve set for your business.

Complete the things you’re not great at. No one excels at everything. If spreadsheets make your head spin, delegate their creation and maintenance to an assistant who enjoys them. If doing your expenses means shoving receipts in a drawer and handing a crumpled ball of paper to your accountant every March, task your assistant with devising a more efficient system.

Great assistants are worth their weight in gold. Take your business to the next level by hiring a great assistant.

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