Why Taking Breaks Makes You More Productive

Boost your productivity with a quick break.

Boost your productivity with a quick break.

The studies prove it: People who take breaks and take time off are more productive than workaholics. Specifically, a study out of Stanford University found that productivity maxes out at 50 hours per week and drops off dramatically afterwards. People who work 70 hours a week get the same amount done as people who work much less. So, while you may think that you’ll reach success sooner the more hours you put in each week with your nose to the grindstone, in reality, you’re wasting your time if you work more than 50 hours.

1. Breaks energize the mind and body. The most successful people understand that breaks are essential to energize their bodies, rest their brains and work most effectively and efficiently. Breaks allow them to approach challenges with a fresh perspective and tackle their regular lead generating tasks with renewed vigor.

2. Breaks allow time to reflect on challenges. How many times have you faced a challenge and felt frustrated because you couldn’t find a way to work around it or overcome it. This frustration often stems from not stepping back to ruminate on the problem for a bit. While you’re resting, running or focusing your attention on something else, your brain is busy working out solutions to the obstacle or problem. When you turn your attention back to it, you’ll do so with a fresh perspective and more energy.

3. Breaks allow you to prioritize your time. Prioritizing is essential to attaining success. It allows you to focus only on the tasks that drive your business, while also helping you spend time with the people and activities that mean the most to you. Many people who are overworked complain that they don’t see their families enough or they don’t have time for the hobbies they used to enjoy. Taking breaks and prioritizing your day allow you to reach your goals without sacrificing the time you’d like to devote to your loved ones and friends and the activities that renew and refresh you.

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