Why Schedule? 3 Perks That Will Inspire You to Start Today

Why Schedule? 3 Perks That Will Inspire You to Start Today

Have you ever gone home at the end of the day, wondering where the time went and frustrated because you barely made a dent in your to-do list? It’s happened to all of us at one point or another. The secret to having a more productive day isn’t to create more to-do lists or to start earlier or to give up dinner with your family so you can work more. Instead, it’s much simpler than that—it all boils down to scheduling your day. Sure, it doesn’t sound high-tech or fancy, but this one single change will help you get more done each day so you can be more successful.

What is scheduling?
Scheduling involves breaking your day into 90-minute blocks with 15- to 20-minute blocks in between. During these 90-minute blocks, you focus on one single task for the duration of the block. Once the 90-minute block is up, you take a breather and move on to the next most important task for 90 minutes, and so on. At the end of the day, you’ll be amazed by what you accomplish.

1. You’ll know where your day went. If you’re so busy that time just flies, scheduling will help you turn ‘busyness’ into true productivity. Scheduling allows you to take control of your day—it gives you a guide to follow so that you never have to waste time wondering what to work on next. You can move from one task to the next with ease.
2. You’ll enjoy freedom over your day. When you don’t follow a schedule you’re beholden to the fires and emergencies that creep up during the day. Although it seems contrary, scheduling gives you the freedom to build wiggle room into your day. You can then use this wiggle room to take care of the fires and other “hot” situations that pop up during the day.
3. You’ll pinpoint your priorities so you can delegate the rest. If your to-do list seems to grow longer by the hour, pinpointing your priorities—the top tasks that you have to get done that day, no matter what—will help you focus your energy and productivity on what matters to your business. When you plan your day around your top tasks, you’re sure to get them done.

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2 thoughts on “Why Schedule? 3 Perks That Will Inspire You to Start Today

  1. Randy Dicken

    I am just now learning to use the electronic calendar…
    I have use the paper calendars for so many years it is tough to switch over.
    Almost makes me nervous not to have “my book” with me.


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