Why Prioritizing Is Essential to Your Productivity

Planning and prioritizing are essential to your success.

Planning and prioritizing are essential to your success.

We’ve all had those weeks where we feel overwhelmed by everything that’s being thrown at us. We’re barely able to make a dent in the daily to-do list because phone calls and urgent matters keep popping up. It’s so busy that we can’t even remember the last time we ate lunch, making us overwhelmed and hungry by the time 2pm rolls around. We leave the office later and later, feeling like a failure because we think we achieved nothing that day. Stop the madness! It’s possible to complete the tasks on your list and deal with the urgent stuff that comes up—it’s all about prioritizing.

The biggest lesson that we all must learn is to differentiate between the important tasks and the urgent tasks. “But aren’t they the same thing?” you may ask. In a word: no.

Define what’s important. This is unique to you and what you want to accomplish in your business. However, there are some universal important tasks, such as lead generation (e.g., your calls, notes and Pop-Bys) or meeting with clients for coffee or lunch. These are the tasks that are vital to your business, but may be pushed aside when urgent matters arise.

If you want to feel like a winner at the end of your day, do the important tasks first. As soon as you get to your office, start your lead generation, write in your gratitude journal, etc. Do the things that are important to you before you even think about doing anything else.

Define what’s urgent. This includes not only the situations that pop up during the day, it also include things like checking your email and posting on social media. While you do have to tend to these things, you don’t have to let them hijack your day. Instead, do them to a certain time, preferably in the afternoon, after you’ve finished your important tasks and after you’ve refueled with a healthy lunch and a walk to clear your head. THEN, you’ll be ready to put out the fires.

Referral Maker® Productivity Tip: Delay checking your email. Your email is full of fires lying in wait to hijack your productivity for the day. Resist the urge to check your email first thing in the morning. Instead, do an important task first, then look at email. Otherwise, you’ll just get caught in an email-induced productivity black hole.
The thing is, the urgent stuff will always get done in the end. However, if you want to succeed in business and maintain your sanity, you have to learn to keep it in its place and make your most important tasks your top priority.

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