Why Personal Development is Essential to Your Success

Commit to continuous growth and learning and you've help to ensure your success.

Commit to continuous growth and learning and you’ve help to ensure your success.

At Buffini & Company, we’re big on personal growth. We see personal growth and development as essential to success in real estate, and in business in general. By committing to continuous growth and learning, you’ll be able to serve your clients at a higher level. Not only that, but staying sharp will help to ensure your longevity in the business. Here are three reasons why personal development is crucial to your business.

1. Increase your knowledge. By attending real estate events and seminars and meeting with the experts of the industry, you’ll gain the knowledge and insight necessary to navigate the ever-changing industry of real estate. Looking for an event to attend this year? Brian Buffini’s Success Tour ends 2014 in Toronto, Canada on November 4th and 5th at the Toronto Congress Centre. Brian, along with special guest, bestselling author, Les Brown, will give agents the knowledge and motivation to thrive in the new era of real estate. This is an event you don’t want to miss. Visit BrianBuffini.com for more information.

2. Build professional skills. It takes experience and a commitment to personal growth to build the skills required to be the ultimate real estate pro. Find a mentor to learn from and discuss ideas; read the classics to help you hone your sales skills, and keep a journal so that you can refer to your experiences later on.

3. Redefine success. As you go, and grow, you’ll find that your definition of success changes. What you thought success was when you started your career may different from what you think success is now. Perhaps when you started, you thought success was generating $5 million in sales in a year; now, you may feel that you’ve had a successful year if you generate $20 million in sales and are able to take a three week vacation to your favorite travel spot. The more you learn and build your skills, the more successful you’ll be which will allow you to strive to achieve more ambitious goals.

To learn more and to register for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour, as well as other real estate events, visit BrianBuffini.com.

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