Why Now is a Great Time to Talk to Your Clients about the Local Market

talk to clients about market

In many areas of the country, the market begins to heat up in the spring. Potential buyers begin looking for home that meet their criteria and sellers start thinking of improvements to make that will get them more money when they list. Even if your clients aren’t thinking of buying or selling yet, they may be interested in what’s going on in the market and how much their home is worth.

That’s one reason why now is a great time to talk to your clients about your local market. Here are a few more:

• Reinforce your role as their trusted advisor. Sharing information about the market with your clients is a service they’ll appreciation. You’ll increase the confidence they have in your business and abilities. Showing your expertise is vital, whether you’re new to the business or you’ve been in the business for decades.
• Get your potential buyers and sellers off the fence. Potential buyers and sellers are hungry for information about the local market, the real estate process, and valuable insights that can help them through the process. The more information you give them, the easier it is to move them off the fence and to buy a home or list their current one.
• Touch base with your clients. What better excuse to call your clients than to talk to them about the market? Even if they’re not in the market right now, they surely want to know how much their home is worth. Once you get talking, the conversation may turn to curb appeal, home renovations or another topic you can help them with by connecting them to a tradesperson or service in your network.

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