Why Do Your Clients Refer You?

Completing your daily activities will help to make you a star in the eyes of your clients, and make them more likely to refer you.

Your clients will refer you because they trust you—you’ve proven your competence and your character. However, trust alone is not enough. If you want referrals you have to ask for them and put yourself out there. Here are four common traps that professionals fall into and how to avoid them.

1. You assume that they’ll refer you. It’s easy to rest on your laurels and think, “Of course they’ll refer me—they know I’m a great agent.” However, if you don’t ask them if you’re their agent of choice, you shouldn’t assume that they’ll refer you to their friends and families.

Solution: Use the Mayor Campaign dialogue to ask your clients if you’re the agent they refer.

2. You put out vibes that you’re too busy. Do you mention how busy you are whenever someone asks how the business is going? You could inadvertently be telling them that you’re too busy for their referrals. If you’re always saying how busy you are, your clients may not think you need the business.

Solution: Whenever someone asks how your business is going, always mention that you’re never too busy for any of their referrals.

3. You only focus on results. Sure, the results of your efforts are important. However, to get the results you want, it’s essential to have the discipline to do your daily lead generation activities, including calling your favorite clients, sending out your monthly marketing flyer and doing Pop-Bys.

Solution: Focus on providing value to set yourself apart from the competition. Send your clients a card on their birthdays or refer them to a great roofer in your network if a tree branch falls on their home. It also helps to personalize your marketing flyers. That way, when your clients give it to their family, friends or neighbors, your name and picture are on it, making them more apt to contact you for their real estate needs.

4. You don’t use the tools at your disposal or you don’t use them consistently. You have a myriad of tools at your disposal, including Referral Maker™ CRM. Once you input your database and set your business goals, Referral Maker generates your daily To-Do list of activities to complete that will keep you on track to success. However, if you don’t use Referral Maker CRM—and use it consistently—it won’t be able to help you to drive your success in business.

Solution: Referral Maker real estate CRM software is a vital tool to use to improve your chances of success. Our real estate CRM makes lead generation a breeze and gives you access to Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues. And the Referral Maker Marketing System features that monthly marketing materials and personal notes to make you a star in the eyes of your clients—your goal should be to use them consistently.Visit Referralmaker.com to begin using Referral Maker real estate CRM software today.

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