Who Are Your Top Referrers?

When you know who your top referrers are, you’re better able to appreciate those people who help your business thrive.

When you Work by Referral, the clients who have sent you multiple referrals are the biggest advocates of your business. Since these Top Referrers help your business grow and thrive, it’s important to thank them for their referrals. Do you know who your biggest advocates are? Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software will help you find out.

When you input the contact information of a new client into Referral Maker CRM real estate software, be sure to also include who referred them to you. Referral Maker takes this information and includes it in the Top Referrers Report, a complete list of clients who have referred you to their networks. The report quantifies your referrals, giving you the gross sales volume of each referrer as well as the breakdown of the number of potential, active, pending and closed transactions that you’ve received from each referrer. As a result, you get a clear picture of the top advocates for your business.

3 Easy Ways Show Appreciation to Your Top Referrers
1. Say “Thank you.” Send them a personal note with a small token of appreciation each time they refer someone to you. By doing this seemingly small act, you acknowledge their referral and show appreciation for it.

2. Take them out to lunch. Spending time with your biggest advocates allows you to get to know them on a more personal level, providing insight into how to serve them better.

3. Host a Client Appreciation Party. Why not get all of your A+ clients together for a few hours of fun? Whether you plan a backyard barbeque or a swanky gala, gathering your best clients together allows them to meet other great people while reinforcing your role as the hub of their network.
Referral Maker CRM real estate software helps you find the A+ clients who drive your business. A glance at your Top Referrers Report gives you an idea of who your best clients are so that you can show your appreciation to them. Visit the Referral Maker website to learn more and to start using the real estate CRM software today.

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