What’s Sabotaging Your Potential?

Are you getting in your own way?

Are you getting in your own way?

Have you tapped into your full potential? Many of us have barely scratched the surface of what we can truly achieve. We start each day knowing that we’re capable of doing more, but we use excuses to justify our situations, telling ourselves “Well I could become a top agent if I had started my career earlier/went to a better school/lived in a bigger or more expensive area.” When someone we know has a successful year, we become resentful and disparage their accomplishments, even while minimizing and ignoring our own accomplishments. We also become critical of ourselves and those around us as we sink deeper into the fog of negativity. But these aren’t the only things preventing us from reaching our full potential. Here are five ways that you may be sabotaging your potential:

You’re afraid of success and/or failure. It may sound silly, but this is one of the main reasons why many people don’t reach their potential. They’re so afraid of failing or succeeding that they don’t even try, leading to procrastination and feelings of “why bother?”

How to deal: Face your fears head-on. If you’re afraid to risk reaching your potential because you’re afraid of failing, rethink the concept of failure. After all, failure is just another challenge to overcome on your way to success. If you’re afraid of succeeding, list the fears you have about success. Do you think it’ll change you as a person or change the way people treat you? Once you understand why you feel a certain way, you’ll be better equipped to deal with it.

Your beliefs are holding you back. Many of us harbor beliefs that limit us. We believe that we can’t close ten more transactions this year because we’ve never done it before. We believe that we can’t get our financial houses in order because it’s difficult to change our habits/we owe too much/we don’t make enough money. Tap the brakes– if you don’t believe in you, how can you expect others to?

How to deal: If your beliefs are holding you back, identify what they are and look for ways to turn it around. Then, find an affirmation or mantra to say first thing in the morning or whenever you find yourself staring to worry. By channeling your inner Stuart Smalley you’ll be able to change your thoughts and begin to realize your full potential.

You don’t have goals. You can’t reach your potential if you don’t know what you’re striving for. Goals, preferably SMART ones, are essential if you want to succeed and realize your full potential. They help you to sharpen your focus on an accomplishment that is important to you so that you don’t become distracted and sidetracked by other things.

How to deal: Set a goal. Think about what you would like to achieve this year, whether it’s increasing your sales by 25% or running a marathon. Once you have a goal in mind, devise a strategy for completing it and track your progress.

You have bad habits or routines. How you spend your day dictates your success. If you spend your day procrastinating, wasting time on Facebook or the Internet instead of generating leads or putting out fires instead of completing the most important tasks on your to-do list, it’s impossible to reach your full potential and reach success.

How to deal: It’s never too late to change your habits. Identify your bad habits and find ways to replace them with good ones, whether you make the bad habits more inconvenient or you devise a plan to improve your routine.

You’re isolated. The majority of real estate professionals work from home. Although working from home has many advantages, it can make people feel isolated and disconnected from others, and prevent them from striving for greatness.

How to deal: Get social. Look for opportunities to network with other real estate professionals at real estate events (such as Brian Buffini’s Success Tour). Also, find a co-working space in your area and rent a space a couple of times a week. You’ll get the benefits of a traditional working environment and have the opportunity to bounce ideas off of other small business professionals.

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