What’s New This Week?

Referral Maker Training Videos in the Members Area!

These training videos are prerecorded webinars that cover the many different sections in Referral Maker® CRM. You can find them in the Members Area, under Resource Library, select Videos.

Referral Maker Webinar Video Page


Bug Fix Alert –

The Unsubscribe Report tab was missing for our Referral Maker CRM members. The Unsubscribe Report tab is now available.

Unsubscribe Report


For Pathway to Mastery Students – The weekly report for Module 8 was missing for some students. This issue has been resolved and all students can now see their weekly report for Module 8.

Here at Buffini & Company our Product Development Team is committed to creating excellence that you can find in all of our products. If you have any suggestions or improvements that you would like to see, please tell us about them! Email the Product Development Team at buffiniproduct@buffiniandcompany.com

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