What Do Buyers Want?

Use your knowledge and experience to guide your buyers through the real estate process.

Unlike the buyers of yesteryear, today’s buyers start their home searches online before contacting a real estate agent to get more information about the home and the market in general. The Internet is the go-to source of information about home values, mortgages, overviews of neighborhoods and basically everything that a buyer would want to know about a property before buying a home. While today’s buyers have a wealth of information at their fingertips, they still need you to help them find a great home and guide them through the process.

The National Association of REALTORS released the results of their annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers late last year. In the survey, they asked buyers who purchased homes in 2013 what they wanted most from their agents. Here’s the breakdown of their responses:

53% Help find the right home to purchase
12% Help negotiate the terms of sale
11% Help with the price negotiations
8% Determine what comparable homes were selling for
7% Help with paperwork

Your buyers are looking for your experience and skills to help them find a great home that fits their needs and budget. They’re also expecting you to use your well-honed negotiation skills to land them a deal and give them an edge in competitive markets.

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5 Ways to Meet the Needs of Your Buyers
1. Listen. In order to help your buyers find and buy a home that meets their needs, ask them what they’re looking for and listen to the answer. Also look for non-verbal cues and what is left unsaid.

2. Give them homework. Encourage your buyers to cruise around the neighborhoods they’d like to live in and look at homes that are on the market. This will allow them to sift through the list of homes on the MLS that meet their criteria on paper. Let’s face it; sometimes the photos don’t match the real view of a home. Once the buyers see the outside of a home and the area it’s located, they can decide whether they’d like to take a look at the inside of the home or give it a pass.

3. Help them narrow down their search. Instruct your clients to write down what they like and don’t like about each property they view (even the ones they only see from the outside). And, when you view a property, ask them “Is this the property you’d like to make an offer on?” This will help them to decide on a property best suited to them.

4. Match them to your listings. Use the Property Match™ feature of Referral Maker™ real estate CRM software to match your potential buyers to your listings. Property Match was designed to connect your clients to your listings. Visit Referral Maker to learn more.

5. Connect them with a mortgage broker in your network. Whether your client is a first-time buyer or a repeat buyer, a reliable mortgage broker can help them get pre-qualified for a mortgage and explain the lending options that are available to them and meet their financial needs.

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