We’ve Improved Referral Maker CRM. See what’s new!

Check out our new enhancements

Check out our new enhancements

Last week, we told you about the enhancements we made to the Referral Maker® CRM mobile app. Now, we’ll tell you about the enhancements we made to Referral Maker CRM. Once again, we listened to your suggestions and set out to improve your Referral Maker experience. Here’s what’s new:

Import Relationships   Map Your Columns   Referral Maker CRM 1_7-12
More Reports: Who has an anniversary or birthday coming up in your database? Find out with the all-new birthday and anniversary reports.
New and improved signature template: Optimize your email signature so that it fits within the given parameters.
Improved printing capability: Want to print your to-do list? No problem. Referral Maker now gives you that option. Speaking of printing, you can also now print a list of past communication recipients and print on smaller A2-sized envelopes.

Import Relationships   Map Your Columns   Referral Maker CRM_7-12
Setup wizard mapping: Now you can see the fields that will be applied as you import your contacts.
Set client communication preferences: How do your clients prefer to be contacted? Do they prefer you call their cell phone or call them at work? You can now note it in Referral Maker.
Take control of your leads: Not only can you now name and sort your leads list; you can also filter your lead list as well.
We’re always striving to improve your experience using Referral Maker CRM. Stay tuned for more enhancements in the future. Not using Referral Maker yet? What are you waiting for? Visit Referralmaker.com to start today.





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