We’re Launching 2 New Enhancements to Referral Maker CRM!

Referral Maker CRM Enhancements

You asked for enhancements for Referral Maker® CRM, so we put our best team on the job!

Our development team has been working hard to make Referral Maker even better. We’re excited to launch these two new great features, designed to make running your business even easier:

The new Print Expenses feature

The new Print Expenses feature

One-Stop-Shop for Your Annual Expenses!
We’re helping you stay on top of your finances, just in time for tax season. Referral Maker now allows you to print your annual expenses. You can also download that same yearly data into a CSV file and open it in a program like Microsoft Excel.

Our all-new general notes feature

Our all-new general notes feature

Take Notes Now; File Later
Want to make a general note about your clients, but don’t have the time to hunt for the right field to write it? We’ve added a new field to the main contact profile page, so you now have a space to save a general note about your contact. Jot down any information about your clients quickly and easily, and put it in the correct field later on when you have more time.

We’re all about making working by referral even easier! Stay tuned for more enhancements in the future!

10 thoughts on “We’re Launching 2 New Enhancements to Referral Maker CRM!

    1. peter wynyard

      Glad to see you finally added the note writing capability, which I missed since switching from Top Producer to yours. Eventually you should have this program as good as TP.

  1. Terri Flight

    Thanks for those enhancements, Buffini Team. A couple of suggestions I have for future enhancements: One is adding another telephone field in the referral directory. Currently only one.

    Another, although tougher to do, is to be able to select multiple clients and make a mass notation in say, the “add note” or “add pop-by” fields. For example, I sent many St Patty notes. I now have to go to 49 different records to record this action.

    Thanks for listening and hope you find these suggestions helpful in your business planning. Love you guys!
    Terri Flight

  2. Andreana Sanchez

    I hope one of the updates will include a “send later” feature so that we can create an email and then schedule a date and time for it to be sent out automatically to our selected person or groups. It’s such a needed feature! :)

  3. Lisa Stover

    I would love to see a property flyer option in marketing materials.
    Maybe a couple of different template options that we can easily customize.
    Postcards might be great too.

  4. Sandi Holmquist

    How about a SEARCH button? Sooo many awesome things on the website to go to. :-) Many thanks for your continued listening to our wants and needs! There is no other place to have to go to!! Love it all!


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