3 Ways to Remember Your Dialogues

The more you use Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues, the easier it will be to remember them and deliver them with ease.

The more you use Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues, the easier it will be to remember them and deliver them with ease.

Do you find yourself becoming tongue-tied by the dialogues? Do you feel that you sound like a robot saying them over the phone to your clients?

Dialogues are meant to help you speak with your clients with ease. We’ve loaded Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues into Referral Maker ™, the only real estate CRM to feature them. Since you already know what to say, you can concentrate on listening to their answers. However, it takes time to master them. It’s natural to get tongue-tied, especially if you’re nervous, tired or misread the words on the page or screen. Confidence will help you deliver the dialogues in a natural manner. How can you gain confidence? Try these three tips:

1. Write it out. Writing the dialogue a few times increases your muscle memory and improves the chances that you’ll remember it when the time comes to use it. If you’re having trouble remembering a particular dialogue, write it two or three times on a notepad before you plan to use it.

2. Practice saying the dialogue out loud several times a day. You may feel silly doing so, but practice makes perfect. Say it into your voicemail or other recording device, rehearse it in the shower or in the car or practice it with a loved one or friend. The more you say it, the more natural it will sound, and soon it’ll become second nature.

3. Use a cheat sheet. Keep a print out of the dialogues next to your phone to glance at during your calls or print the dialogues on a business-card sized paper for your wallet. Having the dialogues handy will help to give you confidence whenever you use them. Even if you know the dialogues well, it’s convenient to have them within reach in case you experience a temporary brain bubble.

The three tips above will help you become more comfortable with the dialogues, making them seem more natural each time you use them. Before long, you’ll be using the dialogues without even thinking about it.

Referral Maker™ CRM keeps your dialogues at your fingertips. Additionally, Referral Maker helps real estate professionals track activities, client information, appointments and much more to fulfill their goals. Click here to learn more and to start using Referral Maker CRM today.

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