4 Ways to Get More Out of Your Referral Maker Marketing System

Get more out of your Referral Maker Marketing System monthly mailing by following up with your best clients.

You’ve received your box of Referral Maker Marketing System™ monthly marketing materials in the mail, stuffed the envelopes and sent these two-sided marketing flyers to your database. Now is the time to sit back and let the referrals roll in, right? Wrong! Sending out your marketing flyers is only the beginning. To improve the chances of the piece being read and having an impact on the sender, you should do the following:

1. Write a note to your A+ clients on their letters. Although the letter that accompanies your marketing flyer is typed, write a short message on the letter to make it more personal.

2. Follow your mailing with a phone call. Do you sometimes wish that you had a reason to call your clients? Now you do. The marketing flyers are designed to give you a reason to call and check in with your fabulous clients every month. Not only will a quick call to follow up make your mailing seven times more effective, it will also exhibit your care and concern by making sure that they received it in the mail.

3. Follow your phone call with a personal note. After you speak with your clients on the phone, send a quick personal note to say that you enjoyed speaking with them and are never too busy for their referrals.

Tip: Carry blank personal notes with you and write them when the mood strikes you.

4. Hand-address your envelopes and use a real stamp. Handwriting the address on the envelope will make it stand out among the rest of the mail. If your handwriting rivals a doctor’s then ask your assistant to help. Additionally, when many people see metered postage or the words “pre-sorted first class” in the postage corner, they may toss it in the recycling bin. Instead, adorn the right upper corner with a real stamp. This communicates care and helps to ensure that the recipient will open it.

It’s the small things like these suggestions that help to increase your clients’ trust and show your competence.

The Power of Personalization
Personalize your marketing materials on Referral Maker™ CRM to expand your reach. The monthly marketing flyers are designed for your clients to pass them on to family, friends and neighbors. When your photo and information is on the back—perhaps with a listing or coupon to a local business—whomever your client passes the information to will be able to contact you. It’s an easy way to expand your sphere of influence and meet great clients. Click here to learn more and to start using Referral Maker CRM today!



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