Want to Improve Communication with Your Clients? Use a CRM!

Let Referral Maker CRM streamline your communication with your clients.

How would your clients rate your communication frequency with them? If they’re like the respondents of the 2013 California Home Buyer Survey, your communication with them could use some improvement.

Most agents connect with their clients over the phone (51%). However, according to the survey, only 17% of buyers would prefer to hear from their agents via telephone, compared to 29% who would prefer to hear from their clients via text message. The most preferred form of communication? Email.

And our on-demand culture is impacting response time as well with 44% of buyers wanting a response from their agents “instantly” or within 30 minutes (25%). Buyers want their agents to communicate better, respond quickly and communicate with them through their preferred method.

Improve communication with your clients with Referral Maker™ CRM real estate software, the real estate CRM designed to make is easy and fun for agents to Work by Referral.

1. Referral Maker CRM will incorporate communication with your clients into your daily to-do list. You’ll always know who to contact each and every day; just refer to your Dashboard in Referral Maker CRM where you’ll see who to connect with that day, whether it’s a lunch meeting with an A+ client or an important phone call about an active transaction.

2. Add notes about your clients’ preferred method of communication within their profile in your Referral Maker database. Do you have clients who prefer to be emailed instead of called? No problem, just note it in their profile in your Referral Maker database. That way, you can be sure that you’re communicating with them in the way that is most convenient for them.

3. The Referral Maker Marketing System ensures that you maintain consistent contact with your clients each month. The Monthly Marketing Kit gives you access to all of the materials you need to stay top of mind with each of your clients. Send the monthly marketing flyer at the beginning of the month and follow it up with the eReport email newsletter mid-month. Phone calls, personal notes and Pop-Bys provide important follow up opportunities to stay in touch.

With Referral Maker CRM, your clients will never have a need to complain that you’re M.I.A. when they need you the most. Referral Maker is the perfect complement to Working by Referral, and makes you the hero in the eyes of your buyers and sellers. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of Referral Maker to see the difference yourself.


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