Want to Boost Your Productivity? Change Your Habits

Writing goals

It’s no secret that the most productive people in business are more productive than others. How do they do it? It’s all down to their daily habits. Over time, they’ve cultivated the smart habits that lead to success. What are these habits? Here are a few that will help you become more efficient with your time so you can increase your productivity.

1. Prioritize your day. Don’t waste precious time wondering what task to tackle next. When you know your priorities, you’ll know exactly what to do. Look at your to-do list and pick the top one or two activities that have to get done that day. When these tasks are complete, move on to the next most important tasks until you’ve worked your way down the list. If you find you can’t get to everything, pinpoint tasks you can outsource to an assistant.

2. Create a distraction-free zone. Hang a Do Not Disturb sign on your office door and use an app to block the internet and social media sites while you’re generating leads. Let everyone know you’re having a Power Hour and tell them not to disturb you.

3. Review your goals. If you want to achieve your goals, make sure you review them regularly. Posting them where you can see them and reviewing them on a daily or weekly basis will reconnect you with what you need to work on to stay on track.

4. Keep a journal. Write down what’s working in your business, what isn’t and what you plan to do. Writing it down will allow you to think through challenges while providing perspective and giving you something to refer to in the future if you face a similar challenge.

5. Take breaks. Breaks are important to productivity. They clear your mind and renew your focus and energy on the tasks at hand. Go for a walk, do a few stretches or just sit quietly until you’re ready to tackle your next task.

Change takes time. Start small and adopt one or two of these ideas at a time, and once you master it, move on to the next. Referral Maker® CRM can help you stay on track by helping you set and track goals and prioritize your to-do lists. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more.

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