Want More Referrals? Avoid These Common Traps

Referrals from clients


When you build a business on your relationships, the referrals you get from your clients drive your success. They refer you because they trust you. If you want more referrals, it’s essential to build trust. However, what if you’re working hard building trust and relationships and your clients aren’t referring you as much as you’d like? Make sure you’re not falling into one of these traps.

Assuming they’ll refer you. Your clients know you’re a great agent so obviously they’ll refer you, right? Not necessarily. While they may think you’re great, they may not remember to refer you. If you want to ensure they refer you, be sure to ask them to. Use the Mayor Campaign as your go-to dialog.

Making your clients think you’re too busy. When someone asks you how business is, do you say “I’m so busy”? While you may want to convey that business is booming, you may instead be telling your clients that you’re too busy for referrals and you don’t need the business anyway. Instead, whenever someone asks how business is going, be sure to mention you’re never too busy for their referrals.

Focusing only on results of the referral. While it’s great when a referral’s transactions closes, it’s not required. Focus on building the relationship: do your daily lead generating activities and build trust. You never know, your referral could turn into your biggest referrer. So, continue to send your marketing flyers and eReports each month, write personal notes and make calls. The stronger you build your relationships, the more likely people will refer you if you ask.

Not being consistent. Consistent habits breed consistent success. Referral Maker® CRM is a powerful tool at your disposal that helps you stay consistent, get more done each day and stay on track for success. You also have access to Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues. Visit Referralmaker.com to learn more and start using it today.

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