Want to Make Your Marketing More Effective? Send the eReport


The monthly mailing was created to help you stay connected with your clients each month and give you an opportunity to contact them. Similarly, the eReport was developed as a follow-up tool to help you stay in touch. When you send it each month, you’ll boost the effectiveness of your marketing flyer, and when leveraged with the stacking effect, will help you deepen your relationships with your clients. Here’s how the eReport can make your marketing more effective:

1. Stay at the top of your clients’ minds.
Clients are more likely to refer you when they’re thinking about you. When you maintain consistent contact with them, you’ll leave a lasting impression.  The eReport not only reminds them of you’re there to serve, it may also prompt them to refer you when they hear a family member or friend is looking for a new home or to sell the one they own.

2. Show your character and competence.
The eReports are designed to complement the monthly marketing piece and provide additional information. The topics are intended to show your clients that you care and convey your expertise about the real estate industry and issues related to homebuying.

3. Prompts clients to share information with the people they know.
Emails are easy to share—your clients can forward an eReport on to family members or friends who may find it interesting. Additionally, email makes it easy for the people who receive the eReport to contact you.

If you haven’t sent your eReport yet, what are you waiting for? Send it today to help boost the effectiveness of your marketing. Visit ReferralMaker.com to learn more.

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