Use Referral Maker CRM to help you with your next listing appointment



Whether you’re new to the industry or a seasoned pro, you know one thing for sure: being well-prepared for a listing presentation is essential.  However, many agents may not prepare as much as they should; some may even wing it. Preparation shows your clients that you’re respectful of their time and also prevents you from forgetting to mention important parts of the conversation.

Luckily, Referral Maker CRM can help you prepare for your next listing presentation so you can impress your clients and show your expertise. Here’s how:

Store information about your clients. With Referral Maker CRM, you have access to your clients’ information all in one place. Before your listing presentation, bring up their information to remind yourself of their critical information, such as the names of their children and pets, where they work, why they’re selling, etc. Refreshing your memory will not only impress your clients, it’ll also personalize your presentation.

Practice your dialogues. You’ll always know what to say with Brian Buffini’s proven dialogues, located in Referral Maker CRM. These dialogues help you make your most important points without fear of stumbling over your words. Review and practice the dialogs before your presentation so they roll off the tongue. The less you have to focus on what to say, the more time you’ll have to serve your clients and answer their questions.

Download Brian Buffini’s Real Estate Report. The biannual Real Estate Report is full of statistics and information about the national real estate market. How does it compare to your local market? Explain the similarities and differences between the national and local market. Don’t forget to download the Complete Home Marketing Plan as well.

Referral Maker CRM helps you manage your database, your listing presentations and your entire business. Visit for more information.

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