Train Your Agents to Thrive

Attract and keep your best agents by helping them to develop their skills.

Attract and keep your best agents by helping them to develop their skills.

If you want to attract and keep the best and brightest agents, it’s essential to train them well. New agents may have the people skills and confidence they need to survive in the business, but lack the skills and knowledge to truly thrive and succeed. Training gives agents the knowledge necessary to handle whatever comes their way. While experience comes with time, giving them the skills they need will help them shine.

Answer your agents’ questions:
• What do the contracts mean? The home buying and selling processes involve a lot of paperwork.  Help your agents understand the contracts that they’ll have their clients sign by going over it all, line by line. Encourage them to ask questions and share your own experiences.

• How do I give a great listing presentation? A well-done listing presentation helps to sell an agent’s skills and knowledge to potential seller. It’s more than just outlining a marketing plan; a great listing presentation includes information about the local market and allows the agent to show the care and concern they have for the clients. It also helps them to help their clients set expectations.

• Why do I have to know my numbers? Numbers are essentials. Not only do agents have to know their own statistics, it’s also important to know local and national market statistics. These numbers give current and potential buyers and sellers an accurate overall view of the market and can help to manage their expectations. Teach agents how to interpret the numbers and statistics about the market and read the reports published by local and national real estate associations.

Encourage professional development
Professional development is important, whether it’s classes, real estate events and seminars. In addition to gaining valuable knowledge, these events also allow agents to network with other real estate professionals.

Be a mentor
New agents need someone to look to for guidance and advice, and you’re the one! Model the behavior that you’d like to see in your agents. Stay in touch, write personal notes, see if there’s any way that you can help.

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