5 Apps that Productive Real Estate Agents Have on Their iPhone and Android Smartphones

Use your smartphone to improve your productivity and make optimal use of your gap time.

According to the National Association of REALTORS Member Profile for 2013, 86% of REALTORS use a smartphone with wireless email and Internet capabilities every day. The smartphone is becoming an important tool to keep us connected to all aspects of our businesses. Here are five great apps intended to improve communication, boost productivity and encourage organization.

Basecamp: We can all agree: real estate involves a lot of paperwork. Get everyone on your real estate team—from your lender to your home inspector—on the same page with Basecamp Project Management Software. Make each real estate transaction a new project and set deadlines, share documents, create to-dos for the team and have discussions. Basecamp helps make each transaction go a bit smoother and ensures that important paperwork and tasks don’t go by the wayside. Subscriptions start at $20/month.

Evernote: Inspiration and ideas often strike at any time. Evernote helps you remember it all by archiving your notes, lists and photos into the notebooks you create. Just open a new note, type your thought or take a snap with your smartphone and tag it. Use tags and notebooks to organize it all so that you can find it quickly and easily later on. Additionally, you can access Evernote on your smartphone, tablet, computer or the Web so that your brilliant ideas and inspiration are always within reach.

Expensify: Compiling expense reports is a pain in the tookus, isn’t it? Keeping track of all of those receipts from gas stations and eateries—did you remember to grab the ones you stuffed in the glove compartment of your car? What about the ones that fell under the seat? Expensify makes tracking your expenses easy—just take a picture of your receipt and the information is uploaded to your Expensify account. You can also forward receipts from online purchases to your account to be included in your expense report.

Houzz: The Houzz app is full of both design eye candy and great DIY ideas to help current and aspiring homeowners bring out the best in their spaces. Search through the Ideabooks to see rooms and homes designed by professionals and regular folks alike, find professionals in your area or track down the products featured in the rooms. In addition to offering staging inspiration for a home about to hit the market, the app can also be used to spur ideas to help buyers place their personal stamp on their homes (or give them ideas that will help them see that fixer-upper with great potential in a new light).

Referral Maker™ App: We’d be remiss if we didn’t include our own app on this list. Like Referral Maker™ CRM, the Referral Maker App makes it easy to work by referral on-the-go. Always know what you need to do that day, with whom and what to say to them. Update client information and make notes about your meeting with them while you’re out. Make use of gap time by finding out which clients live near where you’re doing business and take the opportunity to deliver a Pop-By item. The Referral Maker App helps you work more efficiently and productively. To sign up for a 30-day free trial of Referral Maker CRM real estate software, go to Referralmaker.com.


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