5 Ways to Show Your A+ Clients That You Care

Spend time with your A+ clients to show them that you care and appreciate their referrals.

When is the last time you took an A+ client to lunch to thank them for sending a referral your way? Did you find that they had become even bigger advocates of your business? Did they send more referrals to you? While it’s not necessary to take every client who sends a referral to you to lunch, it is important to give special attention to these clients to show your gratitude.

Your A+ clients are the people who help your business thrive. It’s important to let them know how vital they are to your success and show your appreciation. Here are five easy ways to let your A+ clients know that you care:

Spend time with them. In order to continue to build the relationship, it’s important to invest time in it. If they’re avid golfers, take them out for a round of golf. Similarly, invite your favorite client and his/her spouse over to your home for a barbecue.

Take an interest in them. The best way to serve people is to learn more about their lives, interests and families. Always ask the next question. If a client mentions that their son or daughter is going off to college in the fall, ask them how they feel about this change.

Personalize your service or interactions with them. Everyone loves to feel special, especially your top clients. Make an effort to personalize your service whenever possible. Suggestions include:
• Write a note on the marketing flyer—A short, hand-written note to say hello is sure to bring a smile to the faces of your clients.
• Take them to lunch—Invite them to a favorite lunch spot and spend an hour catching up.
• Give them a book that matches their circumstances or interests—In the case of the empty nester, give them a book that will help them cope, or buy their college-bound child an inspirational book. Write a note inside the cover to personalize the gift further.
• Gifts of interest—Take note of their interests and buy them a small gift that coincides with it.

Acknowledge and reward them when they send you a referral. It doesn’t have to be expensive: a note, gift card to a favorite store or restaurant, a festive bouquet of flowers or a gift basket will let them know how much you appreciate their thoughtfulness.

Always keep them updated on their referrals and the market. Once they’ve referred someone, be sure to give them feedback about how the referral is faring. This makes them more apt to keep referring you on a frequent basis and it boosts their confidence in you in the future.

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