Throw a Memorable Business Mixer in 7 Easy Steps

Throw a memorable business mixer with these seven tips.

A business mixer is a great way to catch up with the business owners in your network, connect them to one another and have fun at the same time. Additionally, business mixers help to reinforce your role as the hub of your network. Here are seven secrets to throwing a memorable business mixer.

1. Set a date and send a Save the Date card. The business owners in your network are busy people so be sure to set the date for the party far enough in the future so that they’ll be able to schedule it in, but not so far away that they forget about it.

2. Follow up with a phone call. After you’ve told them to Save the Date, call them to personally invite them to the business mixer and ensure that they received the Save the Date card. This seemingly small gesture shows that you care in a big way.

3. Send an email invitation. Don’t forget the formal invitation! Use Evite, or another email invitation website, to email an invitation to your guest list that has all of the details: when, where, your contact information and an RSVP by date. These sites often allow your invitees to see who’s coming.

4. Check in with people who haven’t responded to your invitation. People get busy. Give them a call to see if they’ll be attending your party.

5. Confirm attendance of your guests who responded that they would attend. Follow up with them to confirm that they’ll be attending. Be sure to tell them how excited you are that they’ll be there.

6. After the business mixer, send personal notes to those who attended and those who did not. To those who attended, thank them for attending. To those who couldn’t make it, say that you look forward to seeing them at the next mixer.

7. Send attendee contact information to all attendees. This is a great “unexpected extra” for the business owners in your network. How many times have you gone to a party and forgotten your business cards or have run out midway through the party? By sending your guests the contact information of everyone who attended, you’re providing the opportunity for them to connect after the party and work together in the future—a kind gesture that may result in referrals to you.

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