Throw a Fun Holiday Client Party!


Christmas dinner

Although the holidays may be more than a month away, if you’re planning in a holiday party to celebrate the season with your favorite clients, the time to plan is now. The holiday season is the perfect time to reconnect with your clients and tell them you appreciate their business and referrals. Since most people are in a festive and social mood, a party allows you to say ‘thanks’ to your favorite clients and have a great time with them. If you’re not sure where to get started, here are a few ideas.

Formal dinner party. Invite your clients to an upscale restaurant or rent ballroom space and have a catered black-tie dinner party with your A+ clients. In addition to hiring a caterer and arranging a menu, you may hire a photographer to take photos during the event or nice photos of your guests as they arrive.
Holiday buffet. Host the buffet at your home, your neighborhood association’s clubhouse or a local restaurant or conference center. Whether you keep it adults-only or invite your clients and their families, this is a fun, less formal way for your clients to interact with one another. Be sure to have a table of holiday desserts to satisfy everyone’s ‘sweet tooth.’ If you do invite children, organize games and activities to keep them occupied.
Potluck. Part party, part family-style gathering, having everyone bring their favorite dish to share, while you supply the beverages and fun. Take it to the next level with a fun theme or contest, like a prize for the ugliest sweater or to the person who has the most holiday cheer.
Reverse Pop-By. If your schedule is crazy during the holiday season and don’t have time to plan a party, plan a reverse Pop-By instead. Pick a day to host it and send out an email a few weeks ahead of time, asking your clients to specify the type of pie or other sweet treat they’d prefer. Bake the pies or buy them from a local bakery. Send a reminder a few days ahead of time to remind your clients to stop by your home or office during a specified time to pick up their pie.

Planning a party is a lot of work. Luckily, Referral Maker® CRM has you covered. Use the Referral Maker Business Mixer Template to help you plan your party. The template outlines every task you’ll need to do while you plan your party, and even after your party. Visit for more information.

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