Thinking of Hosting a Client Party? Here Are Some Ideas



The autumn is the perfect time to host a client party. The temperatures are dropping, the leaves on the trees (in many parts of the country) are changing and people are eager to socialize. And unlike the busy holiday season, many people are available on the weekends. If you want to host a client party, here are a few ideas to get you started.

Hayrides. Many farms host hayrides during the autumn season, along with other fun options, such as corn mazes. Often, these rides have themes, such as a haunted hayride or wine-tasting. Book a hayride at a local farm and invite your top clients and their families to enjoy a fun, outdoor adventure.

Pumpkin carving. Get out the markers, stencils and knives—it’s pumpkin carving time. Invite your top clients and their families to carve pumpkins and supply the tools and pumpkins. To bring out the spirit of competition, make it a contest and offer prizes for the most creative ones.

Wine-tasting. It’s harvest time at many vineyards. If you live near a vineyard or winery, invite your top clients to a wine-tasting as a way to say ‘thanks’ for their business.

Tailgate parties. If football is big where you live, host a tailgate party to cheer on your local NFL or college tam. Wear your team’s colors and bring favorite foods to cook on the grill.

Host a reverse pie Pop-By party, where clients drop by to pick up pie and stay for snacks and beverages. On the invitations, have your clients circle the kind of pie they’d like and order the pies ahead of time from your local bakery. Keep decorations to complement the season.

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