The Top Reason that Your Clients Need You—A Business Inspirational Tip from Brian Buffini

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Although consumers today have more access to information about real estate, they may not have the experience to know how to use it to sell their homes or purchase a new one. In this clip from Brian Buffini’s Success Tour 2014, Brian gives real estate professionals at this live real estate event the number one reason why your clients still need you.

“Beware of false knowledge. It’s more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw Click to Tweet

Technology has given consumers more access to information that they didn’t have ready-access to less than a decade ago. For example, two-thirds of credit companies are providing consumers’ credit scores on their monthly statements for free. A decade ago, accessing this information meant getting in touch with a lender and paying a large fee for it.

As a result, many real estate professionals have become intimidated by this increased access to information. Their clients come prepared with knowledge that they found in the media and on the Internet. Instead of seeing this as a challenge, consider it an opportunity.

Even if your clients have bought or sold a home before, chances are things have changed since they did so. Despite all of the information that they have available to them, take the opportunity to guide them through the real estate process from the beginning. They’ll appreciate that you did.

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