The Habits of Success

Develop good habits and you’ll be on your way to reaching success.

Good habits have a lasting impact on your business; unfortunately, so do bad habits. Many of us think that we have good habits, and then we wonder why it feels like we’re barely treading water in the industry. It all boils down to your habits—are they conducive to your success or are they holding you back?

For example, do you do your daily proactive lead generating activities every day? Do you market to your clients every month? Do you make an effort to spend time with your A+ clients to thank them for sending you referrals? These are all habits that can make or break your business. Analyze your habits—good and bad—and see where improvements can be made.

Small habits have a big impact on your business
It’s generally understood that if you do anything for 30 days, it’ll become a habit. This is true of good habits as well as those bad habits that we’ll never admit to having. If you make the time to do something every day for a month, it will become part of your daily routine—you won’t have to think about it anymore, you’ll just do it automatically. Think about your morning routine: Do you consciously think about getting out of bed, turning on the shower, brushing your teeth or making your coffee? In the mental fog that occurs as your body wakes up, you probably do all of these things without being too aware of it. The same is true of your habits.

Referral Maker ™CRM real estate software makes proactive lead generating activities part of your daily to-do list. Although Referral Maker makes incorporating these activities automatic, it’s up to you to commit to doing the activities.

Your commitment to the Work by Referral System is dependent upon your habits. If you’ve made it a habit to login to Referral Maker every day, or to check the Referral Maker App, to see the contacts you need to connect with, you’re committed to the system and are in good shape to go from Survival to Stability to success and eventually to significance. However, if you only login every once in a while and aren’t consistent in sending your marketing materials each month, you’ll probably remain stuck in the Survival Stage until you make doing your daily activities a habit.

Referral Maker Action Step: What positive habit would you like to incorporate into
your routine in the next 30 days? What negative habit do you need to unlearn?
Stop one bad habit and replace it with a good habit starting now.

How to Create a Habit
1. Commit to your habit.
2. Take it one step at a time. Overhauling all your habits may lead to failure to adopt any good habits permanently. Instead, tackle one habit at a time.
3. Set reminders. Whether you have your smartphone buzz to remind you or you keep sticky notes by your computer, an alarm of some sort will help remind you that you need to do your activities.
4. Just do it. It takes as long to start something as it does to make an excuse not to do it. Lose the excuses and just do it.
5. Reward yourself. After a week of successfully incorporating your habit into your daily routine, give yourself a little treat. Small rewards may help to keep you on track for success.

Referral Maker CRM real estate software keeps you on track with your daily proactive lead generating activities. It takes the guesswork out of lead generation by generating a list of people for you to call and activities to do. You’ll always know what to do, who to call and what to say. Go to for a 30-day free trial or to learn more.

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