The Essential Client Party Checklist

Planning a summer client party? Here's a list of things to do.

Planning a summer client party? Here’s a list of things to do.

Whether you’re planning your first client party or your tenth, it’s helpful to have a checklist to follow to ensure that you haven’t missed a thing. Here’s a short checklist of tasks to complete while you’re planning your client party (as well a few things to do afterwards):

• Choose a theme. Keep the time of the year as well as any upcoming holidays in mind.  Decorate accordingly.
• Call the caterers. Although you can prepare the food yourself, it saves time and frustration to have it prepared for you.
 Decide who to invite. You don’t need to invite your whole database. You can keep it small and limit it to your A+ and A clients or expand the list to your Bs and Cs.
• Send save the date card. Once you have your list finalized, send save the date cards so that your guests can mark the event in their calendars.
• Call to invite.  It’s not enough to send a card in the mail. Call your guests to invite them to the event.
• Send an email invite. Save paper and send your guests an evite once you have the time and location finalized.
• Call to confirm attendance. Call those who have responded to the invitation to confirm that they’ll be attending. Also call those who haven’t responded to see if they plan to attend.
• Send email reminder. Before the event, send a short email reminder to remind your guests of the event and let them know how excited you are to see them.
• Check in with the caterers, etc. A quick call before the event to confirm that everything is on track will prevent any stress the day of the event.
• Send personal note after event. Thank your guests for coming, Let them know how much you enjoyed seeing them and remind them that you’re never too busy for any of their referrals.
• Update your database. If your clients mentioned any changes in their lives (e.g., a new baby, a new job, etc.), be sure to include it in your database so that it’s always up-to-date.

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