The 5 Secrets of Work-Life Balance

Balance your professional and personal life with these 5 tips.

Balance your professional and personal life with these 5 tips.


It seems that many people are looking to achieve work-life balance. If you’re like many real estate professionals, achieving this balance is a daily challenge. Since you often work evenings and weekends, it can be difficult to separate your working time from your personal time, and make other people understand the difference. And, since you don’t want to disappoint your clients or colleagues, you may make many personal sacrifices, choosing work over personal commitments. Not only does this put a strain on your personal relationships, but it can also leave you frustrated and less effective as an agent.

However, there are ways to achieve a better work-life balance. Here are a few:

1. Stick to a schedule. A schedule not only helps you to organize your day for better productivity, it also lets others know that your time is valuable. At the beginning of the year, take out a calendar and mark the days you won’t be available, such as vacation days, your anniversary, your children’s birthdays, workshops or conferences, etc. These days are non-negotiable. From there, you can better plan your month and week.

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2. Prioritize your day. Every day there are tasks that you have to complete. When you plan your daily schedule and create your to-do list, put the tasks that are most important at the top of the list and do those first. Be sure to build in an hour of wiggle room each day so that you can catch up on activities or tend to any ‘emergencies’ that arise.

3. Delegate. It’s impossible to do everything yourself. If your day is bogged down by small, time consuming tasks, it might be time to hire an assistant. While it’s difficult for many people to delegate responsibilities to another person, remember that the success of your business relies on your ability to complete the tasks that are essential to your business, like lead generation and serving your clients. Delegate anything that isn’t directly related to these tasks.

4. Be present. If you’re like many agents you interrupt your personal time with family and friends to tend to issues at work. While there may be times where you need to deal with fires, don’t treat every email or phone call that you get as an emergency. It also helps to train your support staff to handle any non-emergency situations that occur when you’re gone.

5. Take breaks. To be an effective and efficient agent, you must take breaks from time to time. Although many agents are convinced that working all the time will drive the success of their business, in reality, it just leaves them burned out. Taking a break, whether it’s a 15 minute break every few hours during your day or a two-week vacation during the year, will help you feel recharged and refreshed when you return to your business.

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