The #1 Strategy to Help You Achieve Your Goals

Can you visualize your goals? A goal board will help you to picture your goals.

Can you visualize your goals? A goal board will help you to picture your goals.

Have you ever set a goal and then had trouble achieving it? We’ve all been there: We set a goal and sketch out a plan to achieve it. Then life happens and we get so busy with other things that the pursuit of the goal moves to the backburner and it’s difficult to muster the motivation to get back on track. The secret to sticking to a goal is simple: You must see it before you can achieve it.

As humans we’re visual creatures—we think in pictures. Having a visual reminder of your goal that you’re sure to look at every day will help you stay focused and make it a priority. Here are three ways to incorporate a visual reminder for your goals.

1. A picture. A picture of your goal posted in a place where you’re sure to see it every day will jog your memory and keep you on track. If your goal is to run a marathon, find a photo in a magazine of a person completing a race and put it in a frame next to your bed. Seeing it on a daily basis will allow you to train your mind to focus on achieving the goal and make you less likely to put it aside when life gets hectic.

2. A goal board. When you have goals in several areas of your life—business, spiritual, financial, relational and personal—it’s helpful to create a goal board. A goal board features photos and words that represent each of your goals. Create yours using poster board and photos or images from magazines, or use Pinterest or the goal-setting site Dream It Alive to create a board. Just be sure to place your goal boards where you can see them.

3. A goal calendar. If you’re less inclined to be driven by pictures, but want a visual representation of your goals, look into using a goal calendar such as Goal Board. Goal Board is a 24-inch-by-36-inch poster that lists the quarters and the months of the year. Write on the poster itself or put it in a large poster frame and write on it as you would a whiteboard. Or, create your own version and place it in a frame. Place the board where you’ll see it daily and write your goals for each month and quarter.
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