The #1 Reason to Become the Real Estate Expert of Your Community


As a real estate agent, you probably live in the area where you do most of your business. While your experience living in the area provides insight into the local area that out-of-town clients may find valuable, your experience as an agent has helped your clients understand the real estate process and understand the local market. However, today’s buyers and sellers are savvy about the local and national real estate markets: they watch the news, read articles from experts and search online to learn more about real estate. They know what it takes to buy and sell a home and many have an idea of how the process will go. These educated buyers and sellers don’t need you, right? Wrong! In fact, they probably need your expertise even more.

Even if a buyer or seller has done their homework about the local market, they still want someone they can trust to guide them through it.

Knowledge is power, and today’s buyers and sellers have all of the statistics and information they need at their fingertips. However, they want a professional to answer their questions, allay their fears and concerns, and provide the advice and tips that one can only get from an experienced professional. They want your reassurance: Is this the right home for them? Did they price their home too high or too low? The questions go on and on. Even if they’ve read every article published about the real estate market, they want the reassurance of a professional opinion.

3 Things You Can Do to Educate Your Buyers and Sellers
1. Keep them up-to-date about the real estate market. Call them periodically with updates about the market or send them information with the latest statistics.

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2. Give them a market assessment of their property. Homeowners always want to know how much their home is worth. Tell them and then suggest ways that they can boost their home’s value.

3. Listen. When speaking with your clients, listen to what they are and aren’t telling you. Take note of their body language, tone and choice of words, which may provide insight into what they’re thinking and feeling. This will allow you to address their concerns and give them peace of mind.

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