Tap into the Stacking Effect

How to Optimize Technology in Your Relationships

Although it takes time to build relationships when you work by referral, consistent contact is made easier by using the stacking effect. Based on the principle of compounding interest, the stacking effect helps you leverage and build upon each connection you make with your clients. It allows you to keep in touch with your clients and build solid working relationships with them. Here’s why it works so well and how to incorporate it into your business.

Ensures you stay in touch with your clients. Relational marketing works best when you have consistent contact with your clients. However, many agents lose touch with their clients after the transaction closes. Others lose touch with their clients as their businesses grow. Maintaining communication with your clients is essential to your business; after all, their business and referrals drive your success. Referral Maker® CRM was designed to help you stay in touch with your clients by using the stacking effect. Once you upload and sort your database, Referral Maker will let you know who to contact, how often and how to connect with them—by phone, personal note or Pop-By. If you’re not sure what to say, Referral Maker also gives you proven dialogues to get the conversation started.

Allows you to build the relationship each time you contact your clients. The stacking effect allows you to constantly build upon your established relationships. Gone are the days of cold calling and door knocking; instead, you’re connecting with people with whom you already have an established relationship. This allows you to work with warm leads from people you know and like and who are eager to work with you.

It’s less work. Although it seems like a fair amount of work at the outset, over time you’ll find that the stacking effect creates less work for you. Every time you send your monthly Marketing Flyers and eReports, call your database, write personal notes and deliver Pop-Bys, you’re planting the seeds for future success. The more you connect with your clients, the more likely you’ll stay at the top of their minds. And, since you’re consistently providing value, they’re more likely to refer you to others.

Let Referral Maker CRM help you utilize the stacking effect in your business. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.

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