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Although many real estate agents fade away one the contract is signed and the transaction is closed, it’s actually the best time to serve your homebuyers, now homeowners. The period after closing gives you the opportunity to continue to serve by connect them with a few of the professionals you work with and trust. We created the July Marketing Flyer in the Referral Maker® Marketing Kit to help you start the conversations with your buyers and help them make their moves go smoothly.

Here are five tradespeople and services to connect your clients to:
• A moving company. Packing up and moving is a time-consuming and stressful process. Refer them to a moving company in your network to ease the stress and labor of the process.
• A locksmith. Although many buyers may be able to change a lock themselves, offer to connect them with one in your network to help them save time. After all, they may be so busy packing and unpacking, they may not have the time to do it themselves.
• A cleaner. If your clients are moving from a rental property, they may be required to clean it before they move out. Furthermore, even if the seller cleaned the new home beforehand, a buyer may still want to dust, sweep and scrub before they move in. Connect them with a cleaning service you trust to help them get their home in move-in ready shape.
• A painter. While the sellers may have painted before they listed the home, your clients may want to put their own stamp on things. If the home has high ceilings or other special architectural features, painting may become a time-consuming DIY project. Connect them with a professional painter in your network to do the work for them.
• Plumbers and other tradespeople. HVAC systems often need to be professionally cleaned and serviced and who knows if and when the previous owner did it. Additionally, new owners may experience other issues in their first year of ownership that require tradespeople. Connect them to tradespeople in your network who will treat them well and keep their home’s systems running like new.

Use the Referral Maker® CRM app to make it easy to refer your clients and help you consistently send your monthly marketing flyers each month. Visit Referral Maker for more information.

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