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Promote Smarter with Relational Marketing

Cultivate the relationships with your clients through relational marketing.

Cultivate the relationships with your clients through relational marketing.

According to the latest NAR Member Profile, REALTORS spent a median of $620 marketing their business in 2013, an increase from 2012. While one can chalk up the increase in spending to a more competitive market, it’s important to get the most out of the money that you spend. What’s the best way to get the word out about your business? Referrals. Continue reading

3 Tips for Millennial Real Estate Agents

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

Millennials may lack experience, but they do have the energy to succeed.

If you’re a millennial real estate agent just starting out in the business, the first years can be a tough learning experience. Since you just started in the business, you may not have sold many homes yet, and you’re in the process of building a strong client base. You may also lack the skills and expertise that come through years of experience in the industry. However, what you lack in experience you may more than make up for in energy. In order to succeed, you must use this energy to help you launch a thriving business. Here are a few tips: Continue reading

The 10 Rules of Productivity

These rules will make you more productive and help your business to thrive.

Many of us want to improve our productivity, but aren’t sure where to start. We’ve been told that it’s essential to work long hours, put our families and interests on the backburner and do twenty things at once in order to be successful. We vow to become more productive and get bogged down with writing lists and planning that we don’t get around to actually doing anything. As a result, we become so frustrated that we didn’t get done as much as we wanted to that we become tempted to give up. Before you throw in the towel, take a deep breath and change your perspective with the following tips: Continue reading

5 Ways to Educate Your Clients about the Local Real Estate Market

Keep your clients informed about the local market and you’ll help them to make wiser real estate decisions.


Real estate is a hot topic for many people, regardless of whether they’re in the market to buy or sell. When people grow bored of discussing the weather, they begin to talk about so-and-so down the street who has his home on the market or a co-worker who had to compete with several buyers when bidding on a home in a neighboring town. Since you’re the expert of your local real estate market, you can clear through the gossip and hearsay and drop some real knowledge. Share what you know with your clients and help to give them a clearer picture of the market, and the real estate industry in general. Continue reading

The Habits of Success

Develop good habits and you’ll be on your way to reaching success.

Good habits have a lasting impact on your business; unfortunately, so do bad habits. Many of us think that we have good habits, and then we wonder why it feels like we’re barely treading water in the industry. It all boils down to your habits—are they conducive to your success or are they holding you back? Continue reading

How to Get Back on Track to Finish the Year Strong

It’s not too late to finish the third quarter, and the year, strong. Just follow these five steps.

Do you complete some activities and not others because you’re not sure who to contact or what to say? Do you start out strong—faithfully completing all of your daily activities—only to lose your momentum a month or two later (or when you get busy)? If you haven’t completed your activities consistently this year, there’s still time to catch up and finish the year strong. Continue reading

3 Ways to Lose Clients Through Social Media

Keep your social media postings professional to prevent being “unfriended” by the connections in your network.

We all know someone that uses social media ineffectively. In fact, you’ve probably blocked them from your news feed after one too many Farmville/political/family updates. Don’t worry if you do one or more of these things; there’s still time to change your habits and redeem yourself in the eyes of your friends and followers. Continue reading