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5 Steps for Higher Productivity

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Many agents work tirelessly, often skipping lunch and staying late, to check off all the boxes on the day’s to-do list. They repeat the cycle day in and day out for weeks at a time and then wonder why they’re feeling burned out and tired all the time. They may also wonder why they’re not seeing results. The more you work the better the results you’ll have, right? Not so much. The key to productivity isn’t working more; it’s being smarter with the hours you have. It’s about creating structure, delegating tasks and embracing the word “no” all to help you manage your energy so you can give your clients the best service you offer. Continue reading

Optimize Your To-Do List with Our All-New Enhancement to Referral Maker CRM!

Make Your To-Do List smarter with our all-new enhancements

Make Your To-Do List smarter with our all-new enhancements

We’re not finished making enhancements to Referral Maker® CRM—a new week means all-new enhancements! We’ve listened to your suggestions, and our development team has been working hard to put them into action. Continue reading

Your Fall Business Checklist

Get your pen ready! It's time to make your third quarter your best one so that you can end the year right.

Get your pen ready! It’s time to make your fourth quarter your most successful and end the year right.

Did you know that fall is a great time to review your business plan, assess your progress toward your goals and finish the year strong? The fall also features several holidays that provide the perfect opportunity connect with your clients, especially if you haven’t spoken to them in a while. Here are five things to do this fall that will help you achieve your goals this year. Continue reading