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Time Tracking: An Essential Strategy for a More Productive Day

Streamline Your Lead Generating Activities

Many agents strive to be more productive each day. The create to-do lists, they wake up early to get a jump on the day and they work late until their tasks are complete. Although this is certainly hard work, it’s not the most productive and efficient use of time. So, if putting one’s nose to the grindstone and work, work, working isn’t productive, what is? Continue reading

Reclaim Your Time!

Follow these steps to reclaim your time.

Follow these steps to reclaim your time.

If you’ve ever uttered the phrase, “Where did the day go?” and felt as if you completed nothing on your list, time tracking may be for you. Time tracking gives you an overview of how you’re spending your day so that you can see what tasks and activities are eating up most of your time. It helps you to pinpoint areas where you could be more efficient and delegate tasks to your assistant. Continue reading

3 Tips to Become More Punctual

You don’t have to be a clock-watcher to be more punctual, but you do have to become more aware of your time.

Many people struggle with punctuality. Being late once or twice happens to all of us; however, if you’re constantly late, it can damage your reputation as a professional, as it makes the other person feel as if you don’t respect their time. This isn’t the impression you want to leave with current and potential clients or even friends and loved ones. Although it may be difficult at first, with practice you can adjust your habits and learn to be more punctual. Improve your ability to be on-time with these tips: Continue reading