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Learn How to Delegate in 5 Easy Steps

If you want your assistant to do tasks like you do, show them how you do them.

If you want your assistant to do tasks like you do, show them how you do them.

Delegating tasks is difficult, especially if you’re used to doing things your own way. However, if you want your business to be successful, it’s essential to clear some things off of your plate so that you can focus on lead generation and serving your clients. Getting help is the first step; however, the next step is to learn how to delegate tasks to others, and trust that they’ll get them done to your standards. Here are five ways to let go and delegate like a pro. Continue reading

Smart Habits: Prepare for Your Day the Night Before

Save time in the morning by writing your to-do list the night before.

Save time in the morning by writing your to-do list the night before.

How you end your day is just as important as how you start it. Most of us start our days with our coffee or green smoothie in-hand ready to take on what the day has to offer. We create to-do lists, and maybe even time block our days so that we can be at our most productive. However, by the end of the day, many of us are feeling tired and unfocused. The last thing we want to do is think about tomorrow—we haven’t even had time to process today, right?

Well, not so much. The end of the day is actually one of the best times to plan for tomorrow. Most of us spend our evenings thinking about what we’ll have to do the next day anyway, especially if it’s hectic; why not channel this energy into something more productive and write it all down? Think of it this way, planning for tomorrow means that you have one less thing to do tomorrow. Continue reading

5 Ways to Work Smarter

Follow these tips and you'll become more efficient with your time.

Follow these tips and you’ll become more efficient with your time.

We’re all guilty of falling into the common work trap: In order to be successful, you have to work hard all the time. Forget sleep, hobbies and even your family—if you want to run a successful business, it’s work, work, work from here on out. And, if you followed this path, it probably left you feeling burned out and frustrated. While it’s vital to work hard, it’s also important to realize that your time, energy and resources are valuable. Here’s how to work smarter: Continue reading

3 Reasons to Plan for Wiggle Room in Your Day

When you build wiggle room into your day, you're able to have more control over your time.

When you build wiggle room into your day, you’re able to have more control over your time.

Planning your daily schedule is important to make sure that you complete your proactive lead generating activities and meet the needs of your clients. But, did you know that it’s also important to build in wiggle room as well? Wiggle room is a block of time where you have nothing planned…at least at the beginning of the day. As your day goes on, this block of time may fill up with the spontaneous tasks that pop up during the day, or it may remain empty. Either way, building this time into your schedule has several important benefits including: Continue reading

These 3 Apps Will Improve Your Life

Let these smartphone apps help you improve the way you work.

Let these smartphone apps help you improve the way you work.

Your smartphone is a helpful tool to help you stay organized, get focused and improve your mindset. While it may be a bold claim to say that these four apps will improve your life, they will certainly improve the way you work every day.

When you need to focus…
30/30 by Binary Hammer (free, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) helps you focus for 30 minute intervals. Set up the tasks that you want to accomplish and start the timer. The app will tell you when time is up. Instead of being distracted by bells and whistles, the 30/30 app keeps it simple, only displaying what you’re supposed to be working on and how much time you have left. It’s like a kitchen timer, but a lot cooler.

If your memory is more “sieve” than “steel trap”…
Due by Phocus LLP ($4.99, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) allows you to set up a task and reminder within seconds. And, if you do activities regularly—like walk the dog or pick up milk—you can save your reminders and reuse them whenever you need them. Earn badges every time you complete a task for an added incentive. Plus, it’s so well designed that you won’t want to forget a task again.

To regain your sanity after a hectic day…
Calm by Calm.com (free, for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch) will encourage you to take a moment or more to meditate whenever you need a break from your busy day. The app features guided meditations to help you feel more creative and energetic, get focused, etc. If you really enjoy meditation, the app offers Pro Access for more guided meditations.

Stay on track…
Referral Maker™ CRM app (free, for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android) allows you to keep your database in your pocket. Additionally, you’ll always know what to do, who to contact and what to say. It’s the perfect complement to your Referral Maker real estate CRM software.
What are your go-to apps?

3 Habits Sure to Help You Get Happy

Working out is a great way to boost your mood.

Working out is a great way to boost your mood.


Happy people are more successful and productive than their less cheerful peers. In fact, studies show that happy, positive people report 31% higher productivity levels. So, if you want to be more productive and more successful, it’s essential to become happier. Here are a few habits that are sure to help you on your journey to happiness. Continue reading

The 10 Rules of Productivity

These rules will make you more productive and help your business to thrive.

Many of us want to improve our productivity, but aren’t sure where to start. We’ve been told that it’s essential to work long hours, put our families and interests on the backburner and do twenty things at once in order to be successful. We vow to become more productive and get bogged down with writing lists and planning that we don’t get around to actually doing anything. As a result, we become so frustrated that we didn’t get done as much as we wanted to that we become tempted to give up. Before you throw in the towel, take a deep breath and change your perspective with the following tips: Continue reading

5 Reasons to Get to Richmond for Brian Buffini’s Success Tour

Brian Buffini’s Success Tour rolls into Richmond on April 9th and 10th.

Do you want to take your business to the next level? Are you struggling to stay focused in the second quarter of the year? Do you want to hone your professional skills and rise above your competition in the market? Mark your calendar—April 9th and 10th Brian Buffini’s Success Tour rolls into Richmond, Virginia for two days of action-packed, high-energy real estate training. This is a real estate event you don’t want to miss!

Whatever your reason for attending, Brian Buffini’s Success Tour has something for you: Continue reading

3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling

Prioritizing your schedule not only helps you to become more organized, it also gives you more freedom in your day.


Although most real estate agents and brokers wish they could be more efficient during their workdays, many of them find it difficult to create a plan for their day and stick with it. Sure, they have their excuses: “My days vary so much it would be impossible to plan them,” “I need to have the freedom to deal with situations that pop up,” “I have so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin to plan,” etc. While it’s impossible for most to plan their schedules down to the minute, the most successful professionals are able to plan their days with their priorities in mind, which gives them the ability to work smarter. Professionals who plan tend to find more success than their schedule-phobic counterparts. Here are three benefits of planning your schedule. Continue reading

How to Plan When You Hate Schedules


How do you feel about planning?

a. Planning is great. I always know what I have to do each day.
b. Planning is okay. I know I need to do it, but I don’t always remember.
c. Planning is a drag. I know I should do it, but it just cramps my style. I hate being told what to do even if I’m the one telling me what to do.

If you answered B or C, this post is intended to change your perception of planning. Scheduling is not a prison sentence, nor will it infringe upon your freedom. On the contrary, scheduling allows you to enjoy more freedom in your day. It also allows you to focus on your priorities so that you can be more productive and get more done. That’s not so bad, is it? Continue reading