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3 Ways to Help Your Clients Refer You

"Look at the great information my real estate agent just sent to me."

“Look at the great information my real estate agent just sent to me.”

When you work by referral, your relationships with your clients drive your business. In order to build your relationships with your best clients and become their trusted advisor, it’s essential to send your clients information that they’re sure to find interesting and informative. While they’re sure to glean valuable knowledge from the information you send, it also helps you to stay top of mind. The more information that you send to your clients, the better you’re able to separate yourself from the competition and establish yourself as the real estate expert of your community. Continue reading

Master Pinterest in 5 Steps

Pinterest is a great tool that can help you market your business and your listings.

Pinterest is a great tool that can help you market your business and your listings.

If you’re not using Pinterest to market your business or your listings, you’re missing out. Many real estate professionals are turning to this image-driven social media network to help them attract interest to their listings and drive traffic to their websites. Although Pinterest began as a place for women to find recipes and DIY craft ideas, its design-based format has caught the attention of business leaders in a variety of industries, including real estate. It provides a great platform to show your expertise while you highlight the best features of your listings. Digital marketing should only comprise 10% of your promotional resources (including your time); however, it is possible to make a big impact for your business by optimizing your use of Pinterest. Here are five ways to make Pinterest work for you. Continue reading

3 Tips to Engage with Your Clients Online

Connect with your clients online.


If you’re like most real estate professionals, social media makes up a large chunk of your digital promotion strategy. Social media is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get the word out about your business while exhibiting your competence as an agent and character as a person. The good news is that everyone and his grandmother is on social media so your reach is unlimited. The bad news is that more and more businesses are turning to social media to get the word out, causing you to compete with brands of all sizes and industries for the attention of your current and prospective clients. How can you stand out from the rest? Follow these three tips. Continue reading

Promotion: Are You Doing it Right?

According the National Association of REALTORS, real estate agents and brokers spent a median of $590 on marketing and $640 on business promotion in 2012. This breaks down to a median total of 20% of their budgets. As a real estate professional, marketing and promotion is essential to your business. And while traditional promotion has its place, relational promotion is where you should spend most of your time and money, especially if you work by referral. The reason is simple: People are more likely to trust a referral from someone close to them than a billboard or advertisement. Continue reading

3 Reasons to Use Video in Your Business


Lights, camera, action! Video is one of the latest ways build your brand and show your listings. Many real estate agents are jumping on the bandwagon, posting videos on their own channels on YouTube. Video allows you to connect with your clients and potential clients in a way that makes it the perfect complement to relational and traditional forms of real estate marketing. Here are three reasons to incorporate video into your marketing: Continue reading

3 Reasons Why In-Person Communication Trumps Online Communication

Speaking with your clients in person allows you to gauge their reaction and respond accordingly.

Social media has become a normal part of our business communication. After all, it’s quick and easy to “Like” a status or write a short comment of congratulations or well wishes to the clients we’re connected with on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And while this type of communication help to keep us at the top of minds of our clients, it’s no replacement for the traditional channels of communication like a phone call or a personal note or an in-person conversation. However, many agents rely on social media to connect with their clients instead of making a phone call to meet a great client for coffee or lunch. Here are three reasons why in-person communication is more effective than online communication. Continue reading

3 Items to Share with Your Network on Social Media

Social media is a quick way to maintain contact with your clients.

Social media is starting to play a bigger role in our business. And, if you’re like the majority of real estate agents, you use social media daily or nearly every day. Whether you’re social network of choice is Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+, it’s important to post relevant information that you’re clients and colleagues will find useful. Continue reading

3 Ways to Show Your Clients that You Care on Social Media

Tagging your clients on Facebook and other social media networks is a great way to connect with your clients online. When you tag them in a photo or an article, it shows that you’re thinking of them, that they’re on your radar. Continue reading

Get Social with Your Next Client Party


If you’re throwing a client party this holiday season, social media is a great way to get your guests excited about the big day. It even gives those folks who cannot attend a glimpse into service you offer to your best clients. Continue reading

Connect with Your Clients Through Social Media this Holiday Season

We’re entering the most social time of the year, where parties are plentiful and people look forward to spending time with family and friends. It’s also a great time to connect with your clients over social media. Whether you’re a pro with social media or you’ve been too shy to get started, here are some fun ideas to try: Continue reading