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5 Tips for Achieving Happiness

Be happier with these 5 tips.

Be happier with these 5 tips.

Happiness isn’t permanent; it’s a choice you make every day. Happy people aren’t passive about their happiness. They take an active role by adopting a positive attitude and fully committing to their happiness. Here are five tips to help you become happier each and every day. Continue reading

5 Ways to Think Positively

Two minutes of meditation a day can help you refocus your mind on the positive.

Optimistic people are not only happier than their negative counterparts, they’re also more successful, too. If your thoughts tend to skew negatively, there’s hope. According to positive psychologist, Shawn Achor, it’s possible to defeat genetics and environment and train the brain to think positively. As with anything worthwhile, it takes time to create the habit and get results. However, if you practice one of these exercises every day for at least 21 days, you’re sure to start thinking more optimistically, which is essential for lasting, long-term happiness and success. Continue reading

Brian Buffini’s Success Tour San Jose Live Blog with Shawn Achor

1932726_10153127806487137_6350318251298949065_oDid you know that happiness and success are linked? Let’s get happy , and reap the benefits, with a bit of motivation from happiness expert, Shawn Achor! The best-selling author of The Happiness Advantage and Before Happiness, and founder of Good ThinkShawn is a leading expert on happiness and has shared his research and message to audiences around the world, including the audience of Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday. Today, he’s Brian Buffini’s special guest for the second session of Brian Buffini’s Success Tour San Jose. We’ll be live blogging from this motivational real estate event at 11am PST. Stay tuned…