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Overcome Objections with L.I.M.S. (Listen, Isolate, Mirror, Solve & Close)

Use the L.I.M.S. formula to improve your communication with your buyers and sellers.

Have you ever worked with a seller who became upset when you suggested a price adjustment? What about a buyer who became frustrated about the selection of homes available in your market? Regardless of whether you’re working with buyers or sellers, objections are part of the real estate industry. However, objections are opportunities in disguise and give you the chance to exhibit your professional communication skills and expertise. If handled correctly, you will not only win the transaction, but you may also gain an advocate. Real estate professionals use the L.I.M.S. (Listen, Isolate, Mirror, Solve & Close) formula to help you overcome the common objections of buyers and sellers. Continue reading

5 Ways to Nurture Your Sellers

The Seller Nurturing Template on Referral Maker CRM is a checklist intended to help you provide your sellers great service throughout the transaction.

Selling a home may be stressful for many people, especially if they’re not sure what to expect. Additionally, for many sellers, selling the home they’ve built their lives in may be an emotionally-charged experience. As their trusted real estate professional, you’re able to use your expertise to put them at ease throughout the process. Continue reading