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5 Clever Ways to Get More Done Today

Want to get more done? Make a list and prioritize it.

Want to get more done? Make a list and prioritize it.

We all have those days, the ones where we keep pushing things off until tomorrow. Perhaps you don’t feel like writing personal notes or calling a new client—“I’ll do it tomorrow when I feel fresher/when my head is more in the game/when I’ve had my coffee/when the sun, the moon and the planet Jupiter are all perfectly aligned with the third branch of that tree over there.” In the time that it takes to think of a clever excuse not to do something, you could have just done it. Enough with the internal dialogue and justifications—get more done now with these tips. Continue reading

Start Planning Now for a Successful 2015

Get out your pen and planner--it's time to start planning your 2015!

Get out your pen and planner–it’s time to start planning your 2015!

Although the year is winding down, it’s also important to look ahead and think about the steps you can take now to have an even more successful 2015. After all, it’s the seeds you sow now that result in the referrals and closed transactions that you’ll receive next year. Here are five things to do now to set up for a great year. Continue reading

3 Keys for Effective Follow Up

Timely and consistent follow up leaves a lasting positive impression on your clients.

Timely and consistent follow up leaves a lasting positive impression on your clients.

One of the most common complaints of many buyers and sellers is that they don’t hear from their real estate agents as much as they’d like to during the transaction, and that the agent seems to disappear once the papers are signed and the transaction is closed. Frequent communication with your clients not only helps mitigate miscommunication and allay any concerns, it also reaffirms your service to them and keeps you on the top of their minds. The simple act of following up is an essential part of your communication plan. Unfortunately, it’s one of the tasks that falls off the list when we get busy. Continue reading

Improve Your Routine in 3 Steps

These 3 tips will help you become more successful each day.

These 3 tips will help you become more successful each day.

While we may like to think we’re spontaneous, in reality, most of us follow the same routine every day. There’s nothing wrong with it; however, it’s important to ensure that we’re automatically doing the right kinds of activities and habits—the ones that can boost our businesses and help us to thrive. After all, if you’re going to stick to a routine, it should be one that will help you to succeed, not prevent you from reaching your goals. Here’s how: Continue reading

3 Reasons to Plan for Wiggle Room in Your Day

When you build wiggle room into your day, you're able to have more control over your time.

When you build wiggle room into your day, you’re able to have more control over your time.

Planning your daily schedule is important to make sure that you complete your proactive lead generating activities and meet the needs of your clients. But, did you know that it’s also important to build in wiggle room as well? Wiggle room is a block of time where you have nothing planned…at least at the beginning of the day. As your day goes on, this block of time may fill up with the spontaneous tasks that pop up during the day, or it may remain empty. Either way, building this time into your schedule has several important benefits including: Continue reading

8 Strategies to Silence Distractions and Find Your Focus

Use these strategies to stay focused during your day.

Use these strategies to stay focused during your day.

It happens to all of us at one time or another. We start the day with every intention of being productive and staying focused on the task at hand. And then, we get an alert on our phones that someone commented on our post on Facebook or we get an email announcing a great sale at our favorite store or it’s a beautiful sunny day and we feel compelled to go outside and enjoy it (or conversely, it’s a cold and rainy day and we want nothing more than to take a nap). Before you know it, you’re caught in a web of distractions that make it nearly impossible to focus on the important tasks and activities that you have to do. What can you do refocus your brain? Continue reading

3 Surprising Benefits of Scheduling

Prioritizing your schedule not only helps you to become more organized, it also gives you more freedom in your day.


Although most real estate agents and brokers wish they could be more efficient during their workdays, many of them find it difficult to create a plan for their day and stick with it. Sure, they have their excuses: “My days vary so much it would be impossible to plan them,” “I need to have the freedom to deal with situations that pop up,” “I have so much to do that I don’t even know where to begin to plan,” etc. While it’s impossible for most to plan their schedules down to the minute, the most successful professionals are able to plan their days with their priorities in mind, which gives them the ability to work smarter. Professionals who plan tend to find more success than their schedule-phobic counterparts. Here are three benefits of planning your schedule. Continue reading

How to Plan When You Hate Schedules


How do you feel about planning?

a. Planning is great. I always know what I have to do each day.
b. Planning is okay. I know I need to do it, but I don’t always remember.
c. Planning is a drag. I know I should do it, but it just cramps my style. I hate being told what to do even if I’m the one telling me what to do.

If you answered B or C, this post is intended to change your perception of planning. Scheduling is not a prison sentence, nor will it infringe upon your freedom. On the contrary, scheduling allows you to enjoy more freedom in your day. It also allows you to focus on your priorities so that you can be more productive and get more done. That’s not so bad, is it? Continue reading

Increase Your Productivity Through Better Planning

Planning not only gives you more control over your day, it also helps you manage unexpected events and tasks better.

Take a look at your calendar. If you’re like most agents, you take it day by day. Or, perhaps you’re a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants kind of agent who doesn’t plan your day. However, when emergencies spring up or conflicting events or activities occur, how do you manage it?

Planning takes the headache out of the unexpected because you’re accounting for what you can control. This gives you more overall control of your day and helps you to deal with the unexpected with aplomb. Continue reading

Make Better Decisions Now

Before you make a decision, step back and answer these three questions.

If you’re like most people, making decisions can be tough. Some people avoid making decisions, others break out the pen and paper and write a detailed cost-benefit analysis and others make a choice and hope for the best. The truth is, we all could benefit from wise advice to help us make better decisions. Continue reading