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3 Tips to Reignite Your Career

A seminar is a great way to boost your motivation to succeed.

A seminar is a great way to boost your motivation to succeed.

It happens to many professionals when they’ve been in their careers for a long time—they get burned out and begin looking for greener pastures. This happens in real estate more often than many other careers. The roller coaster of the real estate market has left many agents sick and ready to get off the ride. Some leave real estate to pursue another path, while others continue to trudge along, unhappy in their journey. However, there is a third option—reigniting the fire you once had for real estate when you started. Here are three ways to reignite your real estate career. Continue reading

3 Tips to Work Like a Pro

Follow these three tips to work like a pro!

If you’re like many agents, you consider yourself a hard worker. You may show up to the office before the sun rises and leave long after sun sets, and may sacrifice lunches, vacations and even quality time with your significant other and children. While some may see this as a consequence of success, in reality you’re aboard the one-way train to Burnout City. Continue reading