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Improve the Real Estate Experience of Your Buyers and Sellers

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For many buyers and sellers, the real estate experience can be confusing and frustrating. Since most will only go through the experience a handful of time in their lives, they may not remember the details of the process. Combine their inexperience with the ever-changing nature of the real estate process and it’s no wonder many of them aren’t sure what to expect. Although many websites and online services promise to take the sting out of the process for consumers, nothing can replace the personal service and expertise of working with a knowledgeable real estate professional. Here’s how to put your clients at ease and provide great service. Continue reading

Guide Your First-Time Buyers through the Process with Referral Maker CRM

Guide buyers through the process

Although today’s buyers have access to more information about the real estate process than buyers in the past, they may not have the experience to understand the nuances of the process. Luckily, they have you to help them make sense of it all. They’ll rely on your knowledge and experience to help them negotiate the best deal. When you offer great service to your clients, you’ll build strong relationships with your clients, which is essential to leading a long-lasting business. Referral Maker CRM® was developed to help you serve your clients better; here’s how:

1. Keep your buyers in the loop.
Referral Maker will remind you to keep in touch with your clients by phone, monthly marketing flyers and eReports, personal notes and Pop-Bys. When you include them in your database, they’ll always stay up-to-date on the buying process and your local market.

2. Send listings.
In one of your first meetings, ask your buyers what they’re looking for in a home and write down what they want as well as what they don’t. Enter these preferences within their contact information on Referral Maker CRM and use Property Match to connect them to one of your current listings.

3. Connect them to a reputable lender or other professional in your network.
Do your buyers need to get preapproved for a mortgage? Connect them with a mortgage professional in your network who you trust. Referral Maker also makes it easy to connect them with other professionals you work with, from cleaners and tradespeople to attorneys.

Remember, the better the service you offer, the stronger the foundation you’ll build for a great working relationship with your clients. Let Referral Maker CRM help along the way. Visit ReferralMaker.com for more information.


Help Your Buyers Purchase a Distressed Property

Follow these tips to help your clients purchase a foreclosure or short sale.

Follow these tips to help your clients purchase a foreclosure or short sale.

The process of purchasing a distressed property can be challenging for many buyers, both new and repeat, who haven’t gone through it before. Everyone likes a deal, and distressed properties often give a buyer a deal on a home that they may not have otherwise been able to afford. Having an experienced and knowledgeable buyer’s agent on their side can give buyers confidence in the process. If your buyers have their heart set on submitting an offer on a distressed property, here are some tips to help them through the process. Continue reading

Guide Your Home Sellers Through the Real Estate Process

Guiding your clients through the real estate process is a great way to show excellent service.

Guiding your clients through the real estate process is a great way to show excellent service.

Most sellers only sell a few homes in their whole lifetime so it’s no wonder that they may have questions about the process when they decide to list. And, if it’s been a decade or two since they last sold a home, they may be even more concerned about your plans to market it. After all, when they listed their last home, newspapers were doing well, the Internet was in its infancy and open houses were all the rage. The current real estate process looks much different: many newspapers are on life support, the Internet gives us access to a huge amount of information and, while open houses are still held, they’re not the most efficient use of time and energy. Here’s how to guide your sellers through the changing landscape of real estate. Continue reading

How Would Your Clients Rate Your Service?

Improve your relationships with your clients with good service.

Improve your relationships with your clients with good service.

Many real estate agents feel that they go above and beyond to assist their clients during the real estate process. In reality, many buyers and sellers are left less than impressed with their agents, complaining that their agents didn’t keep in touch, kept them out of the loop and did just enough to earn their commission. Ouch—none of these are complaints you want to hear, especially if you want to work with them again or want them to refer you to their family and friends. So how can you exceed their expectations and offer them great service? Here are a few tips: Continue reading